A Neato Step Back In Time

Browse the museum's exhibits, and it feels like you really can turn back the hands of time.  You'll find a vast array of authentic articles, most of which belonged to local residents.  An entire glass case features memorabilia from both world wars.  Another case features some of the handmade clothing worn by Ashville residents in days gone by.

One of the museum's oldest exhibits is this lantern.  The lantern "was brought here, we think, in the year 1849 or Museum's oldest exhibit: lantern from circa 17501850," says Lemon.  "The lantern...was made approximately at the time of Paul Revere, in the 1750s."

Sitting right next to the lantern is George Greenfield's—eventual builder of the Greenfield school—cup, given to him by his godmother when he was born in 1829.  Also next to the lantern is a doll owned by local resident Mary Ellen Kinder Reed; the doll is "well over 100 years old," says Lemon.

Mary Ellen Kinder Reed's doll is over 100 years old.

"Here," says Lemon, "is a picture of Dr. George Gardner, and here's a picture of the first automobile he bought, a 1904 Oldsmobile.  The top speed was 25 miles an hour, because it was a 1-cylinder.  It would go putt-putt-putt."  The Dr. Gardner's first car: a 1904 Oldsmobile with a 1-cylinder engine. museum not only has Dr. Gardner's first license plate—"he bought that for 50 cents," Lemon reminds us—it has all of his license plates.



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