The original 7-room schoolhouse is still standing; it is now an apartment building.  "The town could have gotten that [building] for a dollar" in 1928, when it was replaced by a bigger school complex, Ward-Hines says, "but they didn't know what they could do with it.  Can you imagine that?"  The village, instead, walked away from the property; the building was eventually converted into a profitable apartment house, which is now called Hinkle's Apartments.

Click to see larger image of 1935 Graduation Picture - hs1935.jpg (78986 bytes)     One of the museum's steady customers is the local school system, which regularly sends classes in to research either family or town history for school projects.  "We have over 100 kids at a time [in the museum]," says Morrison, of some of the more recent school projects.  "Anyone," says Lemon, "who comes in here and takes the time to read the displays will get an education."


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