Neato Local History

 "We have over 50 years of graduation [pictures] from the AshvilleAshville High School graduation pictures high school," says Morrison.  "People come in to see what their families look like."  

Indeed, the museum is flush with local history; an impressive array of school graduation pictures lines the walls of the museum.  Some pictures go as far back as the turn of the century.  Come in to the museum, and you can browse a complete list of all the Ashville High School graduates allFirst Graduating Class of Ashville High School: 1896 the way back to the late 1800s.  



Annabelle Ward-Hines, another museum curator, will treat you to a tour of the local school system: starting with the Greenfield school, which saw duty up to 1883, and through the evolution of a 2-room schoolhouse, to a 4-room schoolhouse, to a 7-room schoolhouse, and to the present Teays Valley High School.


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