Neato Animals

          Chic-chic, another local celebrity, was one very smart chicken.  “Mrs.The King of Ashville: Chic-Chic the chicken. A. B. Cooper," Lemon says, "would drop a dime down on the kitchen floor, and say, 'Chic-Chic, go down to Clyde Brinkers and get yourself something to eat.'  And that chicken would pick that dime up with his beak, and walk out to Clyde Brinkers...and drop the dime down on the step, and peck on the door," and that was how Chic-chic would get fed.  "That happened every day, almost," insists Lemon.  And that was how one very smart—and very hungry—chicken came to be dubbed The King of Ashville.           

   Herbert Hoover: loved by canines across the nation.Buster, a dog who belonged to Ashville resident Clyde Brinkers (who fed the above-mentioned chicken), knew just who was who when it came to politics.  This famous Ashville dog, according to Bob Hines, another museum curator, "was said to bark at every mention of Herbert Hoover, and likewiseClyde Brinker: a vital part of Ashville's animal kingdom. growled at the mention of Hoover's opponent, Al Smith."  Local legend has it that it was actually Buster's paw on the lever which cast Brinkers' vote for Hoover in 1928.



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