Yet More Neato Museum History

The enthusiasm which the Ashville Museum volunteers show for their work is contagious.  Take a few moments to listen to the stories of days gone by, when there were more horses than cars on Long Street, when doctors still made house calls, and when a train ride was something of a novelty.   Indulge yourself; browse the aisles of eclectic memorabilia--where your host or hostess will share with you all of the wonderful little nuggets of small-town history that make Americana such a joy and pleasure to behold....and participate in.     

Special thanks to Bob Hines, Jack Lemon, Charlie Morrison, and Annabelle Ward-Hines for supplying the materials and the stories that helped bring many of the exhibits to life, and for their patience and support in the construction of these pages.

Thanks also to Ashville Mayor Wise for furnishing the video clip of the traffic light.

We also appreciate the help of Barb Gilbert, Administrator for the Village of Ashville.


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