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We will be using "Free" forum message boards until we are able to put together one of our own.  This means different forms of advertising will be seen.   It can be really annoying but the advertising is what makes the forums free.  There is something you can do if it becomes really annoying and that is to download a "pop-up" ad stopper which can help make your computing experience better.  Clicking on the link "Pop-Up Stopper FREE" on the left will take you to www.download.com where you can not only download the free program but see quite a few others that can be tried.  At this time we've only tried Pop-Up Stopper 3.1 so we know it works with our computers.  Computers can be different so try these free programs at your own risk.

The BS & Swap board, if you have anything you want to buy, sell or barter, you can do it here online.   One of the best things about this is that it's FREE!

LOL' Spot board is a place to collect humorous emails and links.  For those who are new to the online world, LOL stands for laughing out loud.   With enough people contributing, this spot can become a place to linger for a few minutes and enjoy some collective humor.  Use the copy and paste commands to make your contributions (posts) easy.

If there is another particular topic of interest (pertaining to Ashville) and you would like to see a separate message board for it, let us know.   

We welcome suggestions for our Public Forum.  Click here to send your suggestions!

Click on the "Archives" link to the left to go to the page where we've saved all the old messages

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