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Thank you Doug Tussing for suggesting Ashville email!

For those interested in having an Ashville, Ohio Online web-based email address:  

It is only necessary to fill out a form letting us know what name and password you'd like to use.   Use the above links to sign up for a new account or to change the password assigned to you.

Being web-based means you can be anywhere in the world that has internet access and be able to get your email...all you have to do is surf over to Ashville, Ohio Online ( and click on the "Email" link, then "Read Your Email"  and sign in.  

 We do not sell email addresses and this information will not be sold or given to anyone.  

Please write down your password - If you forget it you will have to email us for a new one.  This can take as long as a day to complete.
Keep your a secondary email address in case you lose your Ashville email password.
Although it isn't necessary to live in Ashville, Ohio to have an email here, it is for those who are either from Ashville or who have lived here at one time and have a tie to it in some way.  Enjoy!


Thanks Brian Miller!

For those who wish to read and send e-mail through with Outlook:

In Outlook, go to the Tools tab in the menu bar. Select
Accounts, then click on the add button and select mail (which
brings up the wizard).

The first window asks for a name – this is what is seen by everyone who receives email from you; it will be in the box that says From:  Your “screen” name works fine here.

On the next page, enter your e-mail address
([email protected]).

The next page asks for the name of the incoming and outgoing
mail servers – enter "  " for both.  Don't include the quotation marks.


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