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Ashville's BS & Swap Board

(Buy, Sell & Swap)

This board is for people to post items for sale, items they want to buy and items they would simply be happy to swap with someone.  You now have the ability to edit (change) your ads on your own.  You supply a password when posting the ad that allows you to change it or simply delete it.  Nice change....  You can set it to run for a certain amount of days...default is 90 days.  If there are any questions please email us at [email protected].

There is no charge for this service but if you are successful and happy with your sale please consider donating a small percentage to a local school, church or charity of your choice.

Special Note:

As always.. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware!)   

All of the participants of this board are on their own.  Any deals made are between the buyer, seller & people swapping items.  In no way will the providers of this message board be held responsible for losses or dissatisfaction of the participants.  Also, be aware that the sale of pornography and any related items are not permitted and that the board will be monitored and any posts violating this requirement will be removed.

I've read the Special Note above and I'm ready to post my item:



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